Rehabilitation and care of parrots is often a journey into the unknown. APR rely's on generous assistance from volunteers, donors, veterinarians and other rescues to provide the best care possible for each parrot. Over the years, we have assisted and in turn obtained assistance from many.

"Capit a Villa"

It takes a village

Below are our working partners and friends who assist us today in reaching one mutual goal.


Dr. Bridget Ferguson, DVM, ABVP- Certified in Avian Practice

Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital * Maple Valley, WA * (425) 432-2222

Dr Ferguson is an example of quality vetting! Her gentle bedside manner shows she cares!

We have been to other vets but stayed and have followed her and will remain with the BEST!

She treats all of our companion parrots and we can not express her diligence to give best care to our critters
~Sonya Brewer

As a director of a bird rescue and mom to many feathered and furry critters, I've had many experiences with different veterinarians. The care my pets have received from Dr. Ferguson has been unequaled. Dr. Ferguson provided outstanding veterinary care to hundreds of ourrescue birds over the years, as well as my own pets. She's been a literal lifesaver for my birds, bunnies, rats, reptiles and dogs. ~Tammy Finnigan Azzaro

Olympic Bird Fanciers- Port Orchard, WA

We are a group of individuals who share a passion for our feathered friends. We are dedicated to education, preservation, conservation and the well being of our companion birds. We meet the second Sunday of every month at 1:30 pm at the Active Club Community Center, 1025 Tacoma Ave in Port Orchard WA. 98366. Meeting topics vary, but in general deal with the health, nutrition, behavior and enrichment of our birds large or small. Please join us for a meeting and see if we're what you're looking for.

The Sock Buddy for Feather Plucking Parrots-Naionwide Sales was invented in 2003 for feather plucking parrots to protect their skin and help to regulate proper temperature and give them something to focus on. It's comfortable and easy, is conducive to feather regrowth, and wound healing.

Award winning Real Estate Broker Ruth DeMille

ALL Real Estate needs serviced in Tacoma and all surrounding areas. Ruth is a major contributor donating a percentage of listings/sales to APR. See her today if your looking to buy or sell a home! Be sure to mention APR.



A Feather in Hand (feather donation/purchase)

A very special THANK YOU to Brett Madding from NW Container. Brett worked with us diligently to obtain a 40' storage container for the best price possible. The storage has allowed us to add an additional room at the facility for bird care. 

Contact Mr Madding at NW Container Services for larger storage needs. (253) 272-3134.